Pocher HK107 HK110 HK117 Ducati Panigale Anniversario 1/4 1:4 scale kit
Pocher Ducati Anniversario kit HK110
in stock

Pocher Ducati Final Edition HK117
arrives February 2022
Pocher Ducati 1299 S Panigale "Anniversario" kit HK110
$975. plus s/h | very low stock
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Pocher 1/4 HK107 Ducati 1299 Panigale kit

out of production | sold out

differences between the original HK107 Ducati Panigale kit and the HK110 "Anniversario":
  • white/red color scheme
  • gold colored wheels
  • gold colored Akrapovic exhaust
  • carbon fiber finish heel guards
  • deleted mirrors
  • deleted license plate bracket

differences between the HK110 "Anniversario" kit and the HK117 "Final Edition":

  • green/white/red color scheme
  • red painted wheels
  • carbon fiber finish shock spring guard
  • Akrapovic Racing dual undertail exhaust
Pocher Ducati 1299 R Panigale "Final Edition" kit HK117 arrives February 2022

$825. plus s/h
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Pocher 1/4 scale Ducati 1299 Panigale kits
HK110 "Anniversario" | HK117 "Final Edition" | HK107
  • 976 pre-colored parts primarily assembled with screws, with an incomparable level of detail.
    Pre-painted metal parts include gas tank, frame, suspension, engine, wheels.
    Pre-painted bodywork and removable side fairings. Real metal chain. Functional wheels, chain, front and rear suspension, steering, brake & clutch levers,and kickstand.
    Also includes a functional metal racing-type rear wheel stand for vertical display.
    Finished dimensions: 20.5" long x 11" high x 8" wide, 11 lbs (519 mm x 278 mm x 203 mm, 5 kg)
Why are the HK117 Final Edition Ducati kits so late to arrive?
New releases of Pocher kits used to be shipped worldwide by sea after the full production run was complete, which meant the US was usually the first to receive them from the Asian manufacturing facility even though Pocher/Hornby is based in the UK. This time the HK117 kits were shipped in lots as they were produced, and our US allotment was the last to be produced. Our kits were confirmed loaded in port on Dec 24 and should arrive in early February.