Frequently Asked Questions
  • What forms of payment do you accept? PayPal is easiest, just click the payment button on any page. You may also call and order directly with a credit card, or email to make other arrangements, i.e. money order, bank wire transfer etc..
  • How will I know when to pay the balance due on my pre-ordered kit, and when it will arrive? We will keep you updated on production schedules (there are often delays) via our email Newsletters. Please be sure to sign up on the form at the bottom of every webpage. If you have prepaid a deposit, you won't receive an invoice for the balance due until approximately a week before your kit arrives here in NH.
  • How soon do you ship after payment, and by what method? We try to ship the next weekday after payment, but often the same day if payment is made in the morning. We invoice shipping cost for kits after your purchase to give you our best discounted rate to your actual address with no additional charges. Kits are normally shipped via insured UPS ground within the US, and by Priority Airmail to International addresses.
  • Do you provide tracking info after shipmentOf course! Normally you will receive an automated shipping confirmation and tracking email from Paypal or ShipStation. If you do not receive this notification let us know and we will forward it.
  • Why does it cost so much to ship a box that weighs XX lbs? All 1/8 and 1/4 scale kits are contained in very large boxes that are considered "oversize" by shipping carriers, so the shipping cost is calculated from the volume of the box, not the  weight. This results in a shipping cost based on 60 lbs for the Ducati kit when the box weighs 33 lbs. Typical shipping cost for a 1/8 car or 1/4 motorcycle kit averages $70. to the US East Coast and $110. to the US West Coast.
  • Why can't you ship many kits to Australia, South America, etcThe only cost effective method to ship overseas from the US is by the Postal Service. Australia, South America, and some other destinations have Postal Services that won't accept the large boxes these kits must ship in (although the box for the new Lotus seems to come in just under the size limits for Australia). Resorting to UPS or FedEx delivery for these oversized boxes usually results in shipping costs over $400.
  • What is your refund/return policy? We will cheerfully issue a refund for items not yet shipped (i.e. pre-orders or mistakes). PayPal will not reverse our merchant fees, so any refund over $50. will be reduced by 3-4% depending on the exact fee charged by Paypal. For items already shipped, they may be returned/refunded only if still completely sealed in the original packaging, and the customer must pay the original and return shipping cost. As soon as a kit is unsealed there is a potential for lost or broken parts, and even if we trust you the customer that the contents are as-new, we cannot resell an opened kit as new to another customer that may worry about the same perceived risk because it is not sealed from the factory. We may be able to accept the return of an opened kit in special cases with pre-approval.
  • Other questions?  Let us know and we'll add them to this page.