Pocher car kits and accessories: Autograph transkits for Pocher Ferrari F40 and Testarossa; Randy Owens F1 prints and scaleautoworks.com

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I cannot supply spare parts for Pocher kits - it would be a full-time job if I did, and I would have to charge exorbitant prices to cover the time involved in retrieving, packing, and shipping them. If you need parts, please post a message to the "Pocher parts wanted" message board. If you purchased the kit from me I will of course do my best to help you out.
I also have very little time to give building advice - again, please post your questions to the appropriate message board and you will access the cumulative building experience of Pocher builders all over the world. Be sure to browse all the previous postings, your question may already have been asked and answered.
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