Precision Tool Set

for Pocher & LeGrand scale model kits

A set of precision tools chosen to fit every fastener in the Pocher and LeGrand 1/8 & 1/4 scale car and motorcycle kits, plus additional tools we consider indispensible to large scale model building. See the full list below the photo.

US orders $135. plus $9.95 Priority Mail

INT'Lorders $135. plus $39. Airmail

* Brexit note: due to new UK Customs rules we are not able to ship orders with a total value of less than US $200 to the UK (Northern Ireland excepted)

  • tool set inventory, starting at the upper left of the photo and moving clock-wise
  • Genuine Xuron #2175 Maxi-Shear Flush Cutter rated for cutting soft wire up to 12 AWG (2mm) and the perfect cutter for large Pocher sprues (USA)
  • Xuron #170-II Micro-Shear Flush Cutter for small plastic parts, soft wire up to 18 AWG (1mm) and photo-etched parts (USA)
  • Zippered nylon canvas tool pouch
  • Two pair of self-closing tweezers, straight and bent nose, to handle small parts and fasteners
  • Aluminum mini-drill/pin vise with 12 bits sized 52 to 75 (.064-.021) stored in the threaded magnetic cap; drill or enlarge holes in plastic without melting, and keep those Pocher Classic screws from breaking!
  • Curved and straight hemostats - use like very fine vise-grip pliers to hold nuts, bolts, screws, wire spokes, etc; being able to grip a "blind" nut or part can save you hours of disassembly; they also work well holding small parts when painting
  • Wiha tool magnetizer/demagnetizer; use to keep those tiny screws attached to your screwdriver
  • Three sizes of  Wiha precision Phillips screwdrivers
  • Three sizes of  Wiha precision flat blade screwdrivers
  • 2 mm tap* to thread metal holes in the Pocher Ducati kit for screws B & S
  • 2.3 mm tap* to thread metal holes in the Pocher Ducati kit for screws A, E, P & W, and in the Aventador & Huracan kit for screws C, O, Q & R
  • 2.5 mm tap* to thread metal holes in the Pocher Lamborghini Aventador & Huracan kits for screws B, E, F, L, M, & S
  • Precision tap handle
  • * Note: tapping the holes in metal parts is not required, but makes assembly much easier and helps prevent stripped or broken screw heads; page 3 of the Lamborghini and Ducati assembly manuals contains a helpful list of all screw sizes, and a guide is also included with the taps  
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