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Pocher Alfa Romeo metal leaf spring transkit
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 Photo-etched stainless steel leaf springs and shackles let you build a gorgeous set of four functional  leaf springs to replace the ugly plastic ones in any Pocher Alfa Romeo kit. You will enjoy building these springs from the precisely finished parts provided, you will marvel at the improvement they will make in the appearance of your model, and you will delight in seeing your Pocher Alfa Romeo settle onto functional springs like a real car.
It took almost a year to develop these new leaf springs, and it shows in the huge improvements made with this set:
  • the springs and shackles are precisely photo-etched stainless steel; no painting
  • the spring ends are correctly looped like the real ones; no soldering
  • the shackle tubes are precisely precut, polished, and plated; no cursing
  • all bolts/nuts are nickel plated, and the required 1 mm wrench is included
These springs are "drop-in" replacements for the original Pocher plastic parts, no modifications to mounting hardware or axles are required. They may also be retrofitted to all Pocher Alfa kits after some straightforward disassembly of your original axles and linkages.
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Pocher Alfa Romeo functional leaf springs transkit
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