Pocher 1/8 kit photos
Ferrari F40 & Testarossa
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black TR / Mercedes 540K chassis
K53 black TR
TR engine with extra details added
TR engine  detailed
F40 GT
K58 F40GT
red F40 and white TR Spyder in a case
K55 and K52
K60 black F40
K60 black F40
K62 F50
K62 F50 see story >
A sad story: the Ferrari F50 was featured in the 1995 Pocher catalog as an upcoming kit, but never released. I have heard a few explanations: Tamiya's ready-built 1/12 F50 made them uncertain of it's marketability; the factory prototype was stolen in Europe before the tooling was finished; and it was a victim of non-renewal of their Ferrari licensing contract prior to Ferrari's worldwide deal with Mattel. enlarge
K55 Ferrari F40
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