Pocher 1/8 scale model car kits: Pocher Ferrari F40, Ferrari Testarossa, and Autograph transkits
Autograph Ferrari F40 engine transkit
for the Pocher kit

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Display your superdetailed engine on its own stand beside your Pocher Ferrari F40 model, or use on the engine in your full model.
Includes all the extra engine details of the full F40 transkit, a rolling metal engine stand, and full instructions.
Does not include the donor Pocher F40 engine kit. Click any photo below to enlarge.
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what is a "transkit"?
A transkit (short for "transformation kit") is a separate set of parts to add extra details to an existing kit. They are almost always produced by small independent companies,  not by the maker of the original kit, and usually add an exponentially greater level of detail than the original kit provides. Unless specifically stated otherwise, you still need the base kit to build a complete model.
customer comments:
  •   "Well I finally finished the F40 engine.  What a project.  These models really do have every hose and wire as the real thing.  The photo etched parts come with the Ferrari logos, so I glued it to the stand along with the etched tools.  The alternator was hollow, so I took apart a miniature motor and took the shaft with the coils and put it inside the alternator to make it look real.  There is one step towards the end of the assembly that just tells you to look at the assembly manual from the real car to wire up the engine.  Needless to say that step takes a while.  Anyway just that I'd let you know that I thought the kit is well made and all of the photos and drawings are very complete, to allow for an extremely accurate model.  The hardest part is finding matching screws in that big assortment!" B. Shattuck
      "After almost three trips to divorce court...two dead goldfish...many nights sleeping on the couch...and I don't care what my wife says, the cat will come home...I finally finished the F40 engine...." Bob S.
Assembled by a professional on a closed course. Always obey posted limits. Try this at home. Your results may vary.
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