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Miller 91 Indy racer
1:8 metal model
sold out since Spring 2006
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none in stock An accurately detailed, fully finished metal model. 20" long, weighs 7 lbs. The body is formed and soldered metal, not diecast. Individually spoked wire wheels, louvered hood, working steering and suspension. There is no engine detail because of the large metal clockwork motor under the hood that correctly drives the front wheels if you dare to let this gorgeous model go. More info on car color and driver histories here. All models have a white frame and wheels. Not available as a kit, but easily disassembled by screws to modify if desired. Also suitable for gas powered tether car conversion, per many customers who've done it (but I have no details). Click any photo on this page to enlarge.

sold out since Spring 2006
At least one of these models has sold at auction for $4000. (a ludicrous price, honestly).
A more realistic secondary market price has been between $1100. and $1600. depending on the color and urgency of the buyer.
Email me to be put on a waiting list should I be able to locate others on the secondary market.
customer comments:
~ The Miller 91 was received in good condition and it looks great in our museum. We just inducted Harry Miller into the Hall of Fame last month, so this model is a perfect example of his work given that we can't house the real thing. Quality is top notch.
~ I just received the car. What a beautiful piece of work!
~ I have seen the Miller you sell and know of a number of Miller owners who have bought it. Good comments all around.
~ Just received the Black Miller 91 racer.  It is beautiful and has already been placed in the 'Special' showcase.
~ I am very happy with the quality and accuracy of this beautiful model.
~ Received my tin plate Miller car and was very pleased. Spending considerable time admiring the car and looking at my books of Miller cars. I was rather impressed with the accuray of this model. At this price it probably could be considered a bargain!

Miller 91 Front Drive color and driver history*
black #4 car: Leon Duray 1928 Indy lap record 124.018 mph, 1929 Indy 500; on display in the I.M.S. Museum
red cars: Dave Lewis 1926 Indy 500; Cliff Beregere 1927 Indy 500; Bob McDonough 1929 Indy 500
green car: Earl Cooper 1926 Indy 500 pole
yellow cars: Pete de Paolo 1927; Wilbur Shaw 1928 Indy 500
white cars: Dave Lewis 1927 Indy 500; Cliff Woodbury/Fred Comer 1928 Indy 500; Cliff Woodbury/Pete de Paolo 1929 Indy 500; Cliff Woodbury 1930 Daytona Beach one mile record run 180.90 mph
other drivers: Bennet Hill, Peter Kreis, Harry Hartz, Ralph Hepburn, Ray Keech, Jimmy Murphy, Billy Arnold
specifications: weight: 1400 lbs; engine: 91 cubic inches, 154 hp @ 7000 rpm; original cost in 1926: $15,000
* courtesy The Miller Dynasty by Mark L. Dees; 1981 & 1994 by The Hippodrome Publishing Co.
for Miller 91 history and photos visit the
Miller/Offenhauser Historical Society
click for more Miller history at
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