1:8 scale 1907 Fiat F-2 racer superdetail project
by Brady ward - ScaleAutoworks.com  | click photos to enlarge

  • fabricate real leaf springs for engine rocker arms and add pivot bolts
  • add hose clamps to engine; add brass bolts to engine
  • paint all parts: body*, chassis, engine, wheels
  • * I did limited prep work to the body panels, so the paint has the look of an older restored car instead of the perfectly mirror smooth paint of a new model. This is only evident on very close inspection - it is still a gorgeous paint job, and looks much more fitting on this old Fiat racer than my usual concours-perfect finish. All body panels were extensively hand polished and waxed after painting.
  • replace all plastic molded bolts on wheels, hubs, and frame with brass bolts and nuts
  • remove all molded rivets on hood, cowl, and rear deck; replace with brass rivets
  • wrap leaf springs in cord "gaiters" per the actual car
  • plank dash and floor with real wood, varnish, and fasten with brass bolts
  • add brass actuation rod to handbrake lever
  • fabricate new brake cables
  • fabricate canvas side curtains
  • upholster seats in real leather and brass
  • fabricate steering wheel spokes in brass, wrap with cord
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