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Frequently Asked Questions
Pocher FAQ's
  • What are Pocher kits?
  • What is a transkit?  A transkit (short for "transformation kit") is a separate set of parts to add extra details to an existing kit. They are almost always produced by small independent companies,  not by the maker of the original kit, and usually add an exponentially greater level of detail than the original kit provides. Unless specifically stated otherwise, you still need the base kit to build a complete model.
  • How do I know what's in stock?  The kits page lists most of the items that I offer. An in stock item will be so noted on the more detailed item page linked from the description on the kits page. I rarely have actual Pocher kits in stock anymore, and when I do I alert my email list before posting them here on the website; they almost always sell without being offered here.
  • How do I order (can I order online)? You may click any  button to use my secure PayPal online ordering and payment system, or you may order from me directly by fax or phone using my order form.
  • Why should I buy from Scale Autoworks? 1. high quality kits and finished models that are hard to find anywhere else  2. fair prices  3. fast shipping and great customer service from a small business that cares  4. the knowledge and experience of a professional model builder  5. serving the 1:8 scale modeler since 1991
  • What if I see a cheaper price advertised somewhere else? My prices are based on a fair profit for my business that also includes attentive customer service, careful packing, and fast, secure, insured shipping. If you see an item I sell offered by another legitimate business at a better price, let me know. Be aware that a small savings in price is usually not worth the risk of poor service, unanswered questions, slow delivery, or damaged merchandise.
  • Is there a list of all Pocher kits ever produced? Yes, here.
  • Can you provide building advice? I am a full-time builder in addition to being the sole proprietor of this website, and so have very little time to give building advice. If you have bought a kit from me and have a specific question, call me and I'll do my best to help. A better way: post your questions to the appropriate message board and you will access the cumulative building experience of Pocher builders all over the world, and I will also personally answer your question. Be sure to browse all the previous postings, as your question may already have been asked and answered.
  • Can you provide spare parts? I cannot supply spare parts for Pocher kits not purchased here, I have barely enough for my own needs. Even if I did I would have to charge exorbitant prices to cover the time involved in sorting, locating, packing, and shipping them. If you need parts, please post a message to the parts wanted message board. If you purchased the kit from me and have broken or lost a part I will do my best to help you out. Factory sealed Pocher kits are very rarely missing parts, and it is often easier to repair or remake a broken part than try to find a replacement. I will supply defective or missing parts for an "in production" kit or transkit if purchased here. 
  • Can you provide instruction manuals? Model Motorcars has kindly posted downloadable Pocher Classics manuals online here. I also have a limited supply of photo-copied manuals for purchase, $15. includes US postage ($20. for foreign orders).
  • Are special tools required to build the kits? No, the Pocher kits include the basic tools required to assemble them. I do sell a specialized tool set that will make building the kits (and especially the transkits and detail sets) much easier.
  • Can you or anyone provide real wire wheels to replace the plastic ones that came with my Mercedes kit? Not really. The old style Mercedes wheels are impossible to find short of buying a complete junked car. A few people have tried small volume production of replacements, but the intense labor and tooling requirements mean they were priced about $250. per wheel. It is possible to convert the plastic wheels into real ones with some very basic materials and some patience, see my message board post here.
  • Do you buy kits from individuals? Yes, but please understand this is my livelihood. The price I can pay you to make a fair profit if I resell the kit is not the highest market price you may get if you are willing or able to wait for the right buyer. The benefit of selling to me is the trust of knowing I will pay promptly and treat you fairly as a long-established business. And let's not play guessing games - let me know the price you will accept for your kits, and I will accept, counter-offer, or decline. Pocher kits are complex, and small parts are easily lost once a box is opened, so I may need to personally inspect opened kits for completeness and condition before confirming my offer or sending payment. You must also understand that just because someone on Ebay has recently and foolishly paid twice the expected price for a kit does not mean that is what I can pay for yours. If you need to fund your retirement from the sale of your Pocher kit, try selling it on Ebay yourself, and be sure to notice the same kit that may have sold for over $1000. a few weeks ago has sold again more recently for half that amount.
  • Can you appraise the market value of the Pocher kits or built models I've bought/found/inherited? Not unless you can bring them to me in person. I am always busy, am a slow typist (3 fingers on a good day) and don't really have the time to explain the nuances of condition or relative desirability.
  • Will you buy my built Pocher model? Generally, no. I build my own commisioned models to a very specific standard and level of detail. In special instances I may buy a built Pocher model for parts or to restore for a special project, but will generally pay less than the value of the corresponding unbuilt kit.
  • Do you have online reference photos of the real cars? Yes, here.
  • What is your privacy policy - will you ever share my email address?  I will never sell or share your email address or any other personal information you may provide in the course of our business or communications. I also do not store any payment information on a computer or elsewhere online. You may sign up for my email Newsletter for updates about new models or kits, but I will remove you immediately from this mailing list if so requested.
  • Will you ship to other countries? Yes, I can ship almost anywhere. Exceptions and more international shipping info here. Why won't you ship by a cheaper economy service? For the protection of your valuable order I ship overseas mostly by insured Express Mail (EMS). EMS shipments are treated carefully, arrive in 3-5 days, and are trackable online. Reimbursement for the loss of an untrackable package can take over a year even if fully insured - it has happened to me twice, and that is why I usually insist on trackable EMS. I have also had three insured packages arrive damaged from Europe, and the foreign Postal Services (of Germany and Italy) refused each time to honor the damage claim. Is it worth the risk and delay to save a few dollars and leave your valuable package unprotected? I will ship books and other less valuable items by Global Priority Mail, which is trackable but not insured. Can you declare my package as a gift or for a lower value to save me taxes/duties?   Items must be declared to Customs for the insured amount. You will bear the full risk if an item is declared/insured for less than the full value. All international packages (including gifts) require a Customs Form stating the contents and value affixed to the outside of the package. I cannot know what duty and taxes may be levied locally on your imported purchase - you should assume there will be some taxes due on arrival in your country.  Inquire at your local Customs Office if you are unsure of your local taxes and import regulations.
  • Why won't you ship to an address different from my credit card billing address? Shipping only to a verified billing address for your credit card (or Paypal) protects you, your credit card account, and your credit rating from identity theft and fraudulent charges. It ensures that the true owner of the card or account is the only one to receive the merchandise becaause if your card or account number is stolen the thief will not be able to ship stolen merchandise to his own address. More info here.
  • What is your return policy? A returned item must be in "as sold" condition: sealed kits must still be sealed, and unsealed but unstarted kits must still be completely unstarted and the contents undisturbed. All "as sold" returned items will be charged a 15% restocking fee once inspected to my satisfaction. Special-ordered kits, or those unsealed by the customer, are non-returnable/non-refundable except at my discretion on a case-by-case basis; they will be charged a 25% inspection/restocking fee. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Understand most Pocher kits and transkits have thousands of parts, and it may take me an hour or more of my time to verify it is complete. I must be able to certify a kit is complete without a doubt whether I build it in the future or need to resell it. Please also allow me ample time to inspect any item before I am able to issue a credit or refund.
  • What is my mailing address/phone number/email?  It's at the bottom of every webpage on my site.
  • Go here for packing and shipping tips for Pocher Ferrari kits and built models.
  • How can I safely buy a kit from Ebay? There are always risks buying a kit from an unknown seller, but there are sometimes bargains, too. Paul Koo has also been building and buying Pocher kits for years, and has posted a helpful guide to buying Pocher kits on Ebay. Be aware that any kit purchased as "started" or "looks" complete runs the risk of missing anything and everything, and may turn out to be spare parts at best. Even kits "personally guaranteed" to be complete can turn out to look like the one below:

  • click the photo to enlarge
    This kit was missing wheels, tires, the main body shell, and most metal parts; the fenders were badly painted. It was "personally guaranteed" complete and unstarted by Michael Waldrep ( of Hudsonville, Michigan, who refused to accept responsibilty or return of the kit.
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why buy from Scale Autoworks? 1. high quality kits and finished models that are hard to find anywhere else  2. fair prices  3. fast shipping and great customer service from a small business that cares  4. the knowledge and experience of a professional model builder
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