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F40 superdetail transkit
parts list
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                      Packing List Autograph Ferrari F 40 Basis Pocher  Nr/200        Page 1
         ETCHED PARTS                          Amount
        note: each photo-etched plate includes 40-200 individual parts
         Plate A                                                I
         Plate B                                                1
         Plate C                                                1
         PlateD                                                 1
         PlateE                                                 1
         Plate F                                                1
         PlateG                                                 1
         Plate H                                                I
         TOOLS                                                 Amount
         Wrench  SW 1.5                                         1
         Wrench  5W2.0                                          1
         Wrench  SW 2.5                                         1
         Screwdriver set for watchmaker screws     I Set
         Flux                                            I Bottle
         Solder                                            I Ring
         LATHE WORK                                  Amount
         Rim front wheel                                        2
         Rim rear wheel                                         2
         MB I - MB9 set of brass bushings lathed   Set
         SCREWS                                                Amount
         MlHexnutM 1.0                                        100
         SlHexserewM 1.0                                2x 100
         ~HexnutM 1.2                                          100
         S2 Hex screwM 1.2                                  100
         M3 Hex nut M 1.4                                    100
         S3HexScrewM 1.4                                   100
         S4 Watchmaker screw set                         1 Set
         ASSORTED MATERIALS                 Amount
                -------    ------------------------------ 
         5K - Foil red                                          1
         SK - Foil green                                      1
         SK - Crape tape 2 mm black                 1
         5K - Aluminium                                      2
         SK - Velours black                                 1
         Double-sided adhesive foil                       1
         Foam-rubber black 1 mm                        1
         Foam-rubber white 1 mm                        1
         Leather for hand brake boot                    1

         Packing List Autograph Ferrari F 40 Basis Pocher Nr    /200 Page 1 continued
         ASSORTED MMERIALS                      Amount
         Stocking material black                               1
         Stocking material red                                  1
         Transparent material DIN M                       I
         BLUEPRINTS AND REFERENCES                 Amount
         Building instruction including supplement A and B      1
         Original photographs F40 35 pictures                   I pack
         Model photographs F40 82 pictures                     I pack

         note by translator: - All measurements are in millimeters, where not noted differently!

                          - SK foil means "self-adhesive"

             Packing List Autograph Ferrari F 40 Basis Pocher    Nr          /200   Page 2
             CAST PARTS                                             Amount
             WMI  Shock absorber front bottom part             2
             WM2 Shock absorber front top part                   2
             WM3 Shock absorber rear bottom part              2
             WM4 Shock absorber rear top part                    2
             WM5  Star shaped wheel centre                         4
             WM6 Spacer brake disk                                    4
             WM7 Flange brake disk rear                              2
             WMS Flange brake disk front                             2
             WM9 Steering wheel hub                                   1
              WMIO Hood centering pin rear                         2
              WM11 Connecting rubber heat exchanger/intake rnanifold spider    2
              WM12 Air nozzle dashboard                               2
              WMI3 Slat for rack and pinion steering mount rear upper 2
              WMI4 Frame brace rear                                   1
              WMI5 Intake duct for cooling the brakes left upper part 1
              WMI6 Intake duct for cooling the brakes left lower part 1
              WMl7 Intake duct for cooling the brakes right upper part I
              WM18 Intake duct for cooling the brakes right lower part I
              WMI9 Flange on air filter                               2
              WM20 Sleeve in star shaped wheel centre      4
              WM21 Supporting disk for radiator fan           2
              WM22 Filler cap on overflow container for cooling liquid1
                    ~e rod head                                       2
              WM24 Connection for oil hose on oil cooler              2
              WM25 Connection for oil hose on transmission oil cooler 2
                    Connection for oil hose on oil tank               1
              W~7 Connection for oil hose on oil sump           1
                    Oil line                                          1
              WM29 Connection for oil hose on engine housing   I
  WM3O Water manifold on cylinder bank                      2
              WM3I Water manifold connector                      I
              WM32 Oil thermostat                                     I
              WM33 Injection line on cylinder bank                2
              WM34 Frame extension in rear tub                    2
              WM35 Aeroquip coupling                                 1
              WM36 Support for stabilizer rear                       2
              WM37 V-coupling (water line engine/charger)    I
              WM38 Pressure regulator injection line right       1
              WM39 Pressure regulator injection line left         1
              WM4O lnjection nozzles                                  4
              WM4I Curved coupling (oil return line charger/oil sump )2
              WM42 Curved coupling on charger (oil line filter/charger)   2
              WM43 Coupling on oil filter (oil line filter/engine housing)     1
              WM44 Coupling on engine housing (oil line filter/engine housing) I
              WM45 Insert into side part X16                          I

         Packing List Autograph Ferrari F 40 Basis Pocher                Nr    /200 Page 2 continued
         CAST PARTS                                           Amount
         WM46 Insert into side part X 17                       1
         WM47 Insert for intake opening (X 14) right      1
         WM4S Insert for intake opening (X 15) left        1
         WM49 Elbow for brake cooling front part 1        2
         WM5O Elbow for brake cooling front part 2       2
         WM51 Connecting screwed joint for water hose on turbo charger    2    _______
         WM52 Aeroquip coupling                                 3
         WM53 Aeroquip coupling                                 2
         WM54 Connecting pipe turbo charger - air filter left   1
         WM55 Connecting pipe turbo charger - air filter right  I
         WM56 Head light motor left                             1
         WM57 Head light motor right                            1
         WM5S Air duct for interior ventilation on underside of hood front     1
                                                             total 97

         Packing List Autograph Ferrari F 40 Basis Pocher                Nr    /200      Page 3
         DECALS AND PAITERNS                Amount
         Decal sheet carbon fibre KOI                    1

         Decal sheet carbon fibre K02                    1
         Decal sheet carbon fibre K02                    1
         Decal sheet Kevlar KEl                             I
         Decal sheet Kevl& KE2                           1
         Pattern sheet 1                                          1
         Patternsheet2                                            1
         CABLES AND BRAIDED WIRES                               Amount
         Braided wire diameter 1 mm                           50 cm
         Braided wire diameter I ~4 mm                        50 cm
         Braided wire diameter 2.4 mm                         50 cm
         Braided wire diameter 3 mm                           25 cm
         Braided wire diameter 4 mm                           50 cm
         Cable black diameter 1 mm                            100cm
         Cable red diameter 1 mm                              50 cm
         RODS AND HALF STUFF                                    Amount
         Brass round stock (MPI) diameter 1 mm              2x300mm
         Brass round stock (MPI.5) diameter 1.5 mm        3x 250 mm
         Brass round stock (MP 2) diameter 2 mm           2x 300 mm
         Brass round stock (MP 4) diameter 4 mm              250 mm
         Stainless steel rod diameter 1.5 mm                  40 mm
         Brass pipe diameter 2.5 mm                          300 mm
         Brass pipe diameter 3 mm                           2x300mm
         VARIOUS BUILDING PARTS                                 Amount
         Ti  Piston rod for shock absorber rear                   2
         T2  Cover for oil tank                                   I
         T3  Screw MI .7 SW 3.0 (as oil pressure switch) 1
         T4  Mounting screw for rear tub M 2.0 x 16         2
         T5  Piston rod for shock absorber front                2
         T6  Polystyrene cylinders diameter 7 x 15             5
         T7  Copper rivets diameter lx 5                        100
         TS  Nut MI.7 5W3.0                                       2
         T9  Washer diameter 9/4.2                                6
         TIO Collar sleeve diameter 4.5 for making pressure hoses14
         Ti 1                              Collar sleeve diameter 3.0 for making pressure hoses    14
         T12 Nut M2.0                                             2
         Ti 3                              End piece muffler middle  I
         T14 Connecting piece pressure hose on transmission       2

         Packing List Autograph Ferrari F 40 Basis Pocher                Nr    /200 Page 3 continued
         HEAT SHRINK TUBING                                   Amount
         Heat shrink tubing red diameter                     15 mm   8 cm
         Heat shrink tubing red diameter                     10 mm   8 cm
         Heat shrink tubing red diameter                      4 mm   8 cm
         Heat shrink tubing blue diameter                     8 mm   2x 8 cm
         Heat shrink tubing black diameter                    6 mm   8cm

                             ------   ------- 
         Assembly    Part                      Name in            Name Amount
         step        (or location)             manual             new
          Sb         Hub pins               MB Diameter 2      MBl     10
          12         Cam cover             MB Diameter 8.5     MB9      2
         15b         Muffler bracket        MB Diameter 3      MB3      4
         ISb         Exhaust manifold       MB Diameter 3      MB2      8
         16a         Muffler mount         MB Diameter 3.5     MB4      2
         16b         Muffler flange        MB Diameter 6.5     MB7      3
         16c         Turbo flange          MB Diameter 7.5     MB8      2
         16c         Wastegate flange      MB Diameter 5.5     MB8      1
         16c         Bypass pipe flange    MB Diameter 6.5     MB8      4
         16c         Bypass pipe flange    MB Diameter 5.5     MB7      4
         17c         Turbo charger         MB Diameter 8.5    nonapplicable
         18c         Heat exchanger        MB Diameter 6.5     MB8      4
         18c         Flange turbo/heat exchangerMB Diameter 5.5       MB6 2
         18c         Rubber joint heat exchangerMB Diameter 2.5       MB2 4
         18d         Rubber turbo intake pipeMB Diameter 8.5   MB9      4
         18d         Pressure regulator    MB Diameter 4.5     MB6      4
          20         Shock absorber retainer; topMB Diameter 5.5      MB8 2
         21b         Stabilizer joint      MB Diameter 3.5     MB5      4

         21b         Stabilizer sleeve     MB Diameter 4.5     MB4      2
         26a         Oil cooler bushing    MB Diameter 2.5     MB2      4
         26b         Transmission oil cooler bushing    MB Diameter 2.5  MB2   3
          28         Spacer gas pedal      MB Diameter 2.5     MB2      I
          31         Radiator bushing      MB Diameter 2.5     MB2      2
         32b         Connections break line MB Diameter 2      MB1      4
          43         Hub pins (refer to Sb)                    MBl     10
          57         Bushing, heat exchangerMB Diameter 2.5    MB2      2
          58         Mount, hood support rodMB Diameter 3.5    MB5      I

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