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Pocher Alfa Romeo 8C2300 full engine kit
by Model Motorcars
  A super-detailed 1:8 scale kit of the supercharged 8C 2300 Alfa Romeo engine used in all Pocher Alfa Romeos. Build a complete display engine, or use in your Pocher model. Each kit contains:
  • over 470 metal components, including: water pipes, spark plugs, cast engine stands, pop-off valves, acorn nuts, intake screen, pedals, levers, bell cranks, control rods, gear lever and gate, brake lever, and enough nickel-plated 00-90 and 1mm nuts and bolts to replace all of the cast-on nuts and bolts (over $450. worth of metal component parts!).
  • 34 finely detailed, correct fitting resin castings include: engine block halves, sump, cylinder head, cam covers, supercharger, manifolds, carburetor, starter, generator, distributor, coil, water and oil pumps, and more (movable internals have been omitted). 
  • decals, ignition wire, and a color photo building manual on CD, with additional reference photos of the real engines.
  • also included: a solid oak display base and engraved data plaque as shown.
advance order | 2 weeks delivery
U.S. order: $700. plus $20. Priority Mail s/h
International airmail order: $700. plus $52. Priority Air Mail s/h

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